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The winter knitting craze rears its head

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knittynoodle Thu 20-Oct-11 08:16:32

Anyone else noticed the interest in knitting that surfaces every winter? I always feel slightly irked because I knit and crochet all year round. You offer to help your friends get started, they get annoyed they cant immediately knit Ugg Boots and give up, until next year when everyone is interested again.

Or is it just me grin

screamqueenrollo Thu 20-Oct-11 08:25:09

i'm a seasonal knitter myself, I'm too busy with the garden during the summer to find too much time to knit. I'm pretty much a 'basic' knitter but in the last fortnight i've had three friends ask me to show them how to knit and one who wants to learn to crochet. The lady who crochets is actually a better knitter than me so that will be an exchange of knowledge!

I have noticed it though, people definitely suddenly become interested in knitting during the winter months.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 20-Oct-11 08:30:35

I'm a winter knitter (I only do scarves as I'm too stupid to work out patterns).

In summer I'm too busy doing gardening and pottering when it's light and until the fires on and I'm sat in one room I don't get the 'urge'.

A bit like sex really - though the opposite way round grin (I prefer sex when it's warm enough to let my bits hang out the covers)

knittynoodle Thu 20-Oct-11 08:51:53

So you pick it up every year? Well thats not really the same, you guys actually get on and finish things! wink All my friends are fair weather knitters. They are only in it for the wine at the meet ups!

Sex in winter is a risky game. There's always the chance you'll lose the duvet!!

screamqueenrollo Thu 20-Oct-11 09:24:27

<<looks at ufo's in every room of the house>>

finish things? well it count if i finished it and then lost the will to live when it came to making it up? grin

currently knitting DS a jumper. He picked two huge balls of wool last time I was shopping for wool and said 'these colours, i want a stripey jumper' i ought to get on and finish that now the weather has turned..

LatteLady Thu 20-Oct-11 20:29:37

Actually one of the issues is natural light - I too, knit all the year round but I cannot sew in the evenings in the Winter yet I can knit with impugnity during the Winter months, so much more knitting does get done from October to March.

I have just set a 10 year old the task of knitting a scarf for a felt ball snowman on a pair of cocktail sticks, to keep it in proportion you understand and not because I am a cruel family friend... WEG

Witchthis Thu 20-Oct-11 21:20:00

They just want to hang with the cool kids. Clearly.

purpleknittingmum Thu 20-Oct-11 21:28:48

I knit all year round, and now I can crochet! Not yet learnt how to do shaping on that yet though!

Currently doing a huge blanket for my daughter made up of granny squares and knitting a cardigan for my mum in 4ply as she won't knit anything other than baby stuff in it! Then I will be doing my OH a jumper in chunky and then a tunic thing for me in chunky. Off work next week and going to a hat.........never ending..I have given up offering to do stuff for others and only do it on special request! Have a colleague learning to knit and she keeps getting too far ahead of herself. She did most of the back of a top that had to be ripped out as she didn't add the extra stitches in the pattern properly. At that point she said she would just work her way through that part work thing that is on the go just now

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