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Heros Day at school

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Sal1105 Sat 15-Oct-11 11:52:53

Hi everyone. My 4 DS's school is having a Heros day and, yes, he has to dress up as a hero. I really want to avoid the obvious - Spiderman, Superman, Buzz, etc. I'm sure there'll be hundreds of those and the costumes are so expensive. Has anyone had to do anything similar? I need ideas and inspiration!!! confused

MartyrStewart Sat 15-Oct-11 11:54:09

Police Officer?

scarevola Sat 15-Oct-11 12:04:16

Soldier, sailor, airman? Especially with convincing wound.

Sal1105 Sat 15-Oct-11 12:08:09

Thank you! I was thinking along those lines too but I can't think of anything I can make at home. I've been looking at Fireman/Policeman outfits and they're still about £12, which is loads. What cna I make at home?!?

Tomisinathewitchescat Sat 15-Oct-11 12:13:50

THIS is a knights costume I made for my son.
As I've said in the post, ou could easily just wear grey/black track bottoms and top with the tunic over the top. The helmet was made from cardboard. I can email you the template I used if you're interested.

VoldemortsNipple Sat 15-Oct-11 12:15:46

Normal clothes and a badge saying Mummy, daddy, granddad etc is my hero.

Sal1105 Sat 15-Oct-11 12:36:11

I like your thinking VoldemortsNipple. Tomisina - thank you! I might see if I can knock something similar up..... crickey!!

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