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Crochet help please, does this pattern make sense?

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Chulita Thu 13-Oct-11 12:26:02

christmas stocking I really want to make them, they look like they've got a good shape and they're in one piece, I don't really want the faff of doing the heel separately but every time I get to the heel bit I get 3 random chains inside the thing and it's got no shape at all.

Does this pattern work do you think? I do it left-handed, would that make a difference? or am I just inept?

PopcornMouse Thu 13-Oct-11 12:33:29

That's very, very odd and I can't see how it would work at all - certainly not without massive holes at the heel. I'd try a different pattern if I were you! sad

PopcornMouse Thu 13-Oct-11 12:35:07

This one looks ok, but more complicated though:

Chulita Thu 13-Oct-11 12:41:18

Ok smile not just me then, I've tried 3 times and failed but I'm new to this lark so I wondered if I was missing something. I might give that other one a go. Thanks!

wowfudge Sat 15-Oct-11 14:39:16

Hi - I'm a left-handed crocheter and being left handed shouldn't make any difference providing you follow the pattern. Talking of which, the pattern is American; are you using the correct stitches (US sc is UK dc)? Did you make sure you had the correct tension before you started the stocking? Your pattern is worked in continuous rounds for the heel section, which is why it says to mark the start of the row; are you doing this or are you creating chains at the end of each row because that's what you think you should do rather than that's what the pattern says?

There's a really good book by Debbie Stoller called 'The Happy Hooker' which has really good, clear instructions, advice and tips for crochet. I found it invaluable as there are lots of things which can affect how your work turns out which she gives advice on. It also has some great patterns.

Chulita Sat 15-Oct-11 15:40:04

I definitely followed the pattern exactly as it said (or as I understood it) I didn't think it should make a difference being a lefty but not to worry, I found a pattern for a similar item that was much easier. I must just not understand the way this lady writes patterns!

looblylu Thu 20-Oct-11 12:06:39

i just tried and failed too... I think the heel rounds have been explained badly since i couldnt 100% work out what i was meant to be doing on heel round c and then it all went south from there!

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