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How can I make a teddy bear bed?

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PonceyMcPonce Sun 02-Oct-11 18:46:16

dd has requested a special bear for Xmas.

So far I can knit a nice old fashioned bear (dd chosen colour) and make a pillow and quilt from fabric to match dds bedroom and accessories.

But what can I do for the actual bed?

Was wondering about cardboard style suitcase, but would ted suffocate? ;-)

Or any better ideas?

JellyBelly10 Sun 02-Oct-11 19:47:55

I know this isn't the sort of answer you're meant to give in 'Arts and Crafts' but if I were you I would put all my creative energy into knitting the bear and making the bed clothes and pillow etc then I would just buy something from here as they are beautiful!!
Teddy Beds

SoylentClean Sun 02-Oct-11 21:44:05

When I made one it wasn't for a gift or anything so probably a bit more basic than you are after but I started off with an Amazon cardboard box and cut it so it was sort of in a cabin bed shape (ie. a dip in the side where Teddy could climb out wink ).

I then put in a 'mattress' which was a rectangle of cardboard with padding on top, all covered in cotton fabric. I also covered the whole box in one thin layer of wadding and, using a glue gun, covered the whole thing in cotton fabric. I then glue gunned the mattress into the bed. I then made a pillow and duvet to match. Its been knocking around for moths now and it still looks good. In fact, because its all padded it looks very cozy. Teddy is a lucky, lucky boy!

southeastastra Sun 02-Oct-11 21:45:53

lots of hay, aw i love teddy bears, blimey how sad does that sound !

weevilswobble Sun 02-Oct-11 22:07:01

Do wine shops still have those wooden boxes that 6 bottles of wine come in? That would be a good starting point!

girlywhirly Mon 03-Oct-11 12:38:37

Are Ikea still selling those wooden doll beds?

PonceyMcPonce Wed 05-Oct-11 18:26:23

Oh fab ideas thanks - I may have to force my bitter and twisted body to go to ikea!

Am q excited as it will match dd bed linen - nerdy emoticon

weevilswobble Wed 05-Oct-11 21:44:19

Keep an eye out at car boots, i'm always seeing naice wooden doll beds that i want

weevilswobble Wed 05-Oct-11 21:45:00

Omg! I just did that crossy outy thing! Ooo get me, i'm all techy!

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