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Yikes. Mitred border in a horizontal stripe repeated every 6 inches.

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allhailtheaubergine Wed 28-Sep-11 13:43:48

I wish someone was holding my hand for this. I am a bit of a beginner. This is my second quilt. I have a striped fabric with the pattern of stripes repeated every 6 inches. I want the stripes to be at 90 degrees to the sides of the quilt, not running alongside. And I need to mitre the corners which I have never done before.

Oh, and I got the fabric abroad and haven't got enough to make mistakes.

Have cut 6 strips, paced around a bit, now I'm posting on Mumsnet. Any hints, tips or encouragement?!

starfishmummy Wed 28-Sep-11 13:51:57

You can do it!!!!

Can you do a trial run with sone scrap, even just use some paper with stripes drawn on to practice with.

Good luck

allhailtheaubergine Wed 28-Sep-11 14:41:52

I CAN do it. Yes.

I will grab a sneaky 20 minutes when I can hopefully be left alone to concentrate.

<sets alarm for 3am hmm >

dizzyday07 Wed 28-Sep-11 14:46:16

There are plenty of tutorials on binding if you have a google - both written and video ones. Here is an example

allhailtheaubergine Wed 28-Sep-11 15:06:03

Binding I can do!

It's mitring stripes I'm nervous of.

HippyHippopotamus Wed 28-Sep-11 15:08:18

I found this video to be about as clear as it could get!

good luck! and yes, you CAN do it!

ps make sure you show us a photo once you've finished it

allhailtheaubergine Wed 28-Sep-11 15:38:03

I'll watch that now.

I 1st need to make 4 long strips by joining strips at the right point in the pattern. Then I need to make the stripes meet up at the mitre. I forsee a lot of shuffling strips around and scratching my head.

allhailtheaubergine Wed 28-Sep-11 15:38:29

Thank you, I meant to add.

mollymole Wed 28-Sep-11 15:59:54

what starfishmummy said - practice with paper that you have drawn stripes on - you could even photocopy your fabric and use the photocopies, then when it is right pin these to the fabric

HippyHippopotamus Wed 28-Sep-11 16:28:54

if you join the strips with a diagonal, you'll get less bulk in the binding but it might make it harder to match the pattern up

decisions decisions!

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