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Want to knit dd a scarf for winter - haven't knitted in 30 years - how do I start?

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jennymac Wed 21-Sep-11 13:54:20

Just really looking for advice on best type of wool and what size of needles I should get. Can probably learn how to cast on on Youtube but just need advice on the materials really! How much wool would you need for a scarf for a 5yr old??

PopcornMouse Wed 21-Sep-11 16:22:59

You can make a scarf from a single ball of yarn. Start off easy, with some DK yarn and 4mm needles, and Bob's yer auntie grin

jennymac Wed 21-Sep-11 16:26:47

Great thanks - just one question - what is DK yarn? Is that a brand?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Wed 21-Sep-11 16:58:07

Dk means double knitting wool, it just describes the thickness of the yarn.
You could also use Aran weight for a scarf for your 5 year old, it will knit up quicker. Sirdar Supersoft aran is good value and has a good choice of colours.

LoveBeingAMummyAgain Wed 21-Sep-11 17:02:39

YouTube is fab for this, I managed to start a scarf using it.

jennymac Thu 22-Sep-11 08:45:49

Great - thanks everyone. Now just have to find a shop in town which sells such stuff...!

Jammyrella Sat 24-Sep-11 07:05:42

Be warned - I won a knit a scarf kit last October. I knitted it up (with a little you tube help!), then bought more wool nd knitted 2 more. Then wanted to knit something more adventurous, so knitted DD a cardigan - see profile pic smile

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