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Making fabric letters?

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Mandy21 Sat 17-Sep-11 22:50:47

Have been looking at these and again, thinking I could have a go at making some for my DD's room. Have had a quick google and they seem to be paper mâché based? Is that right? If so, any tips on how to go about it? Many thanks

twolittledarlings Sun 18-Sep-11 22:22:54

I was planning on making these too. But was thinking more on the lines of buying wooden letters and then covering them in fabrics. I know that you can get wooden letters cut out on Ebay. Just think of covering with fabrics and stapling them on the back then hanging them on the wall.

It depends where you want to put them. You can get letters of all sizes and thickness. I will be making a memo board for both my daughters room. Have already ordered the heart shape boards and padded lining. Just need to find the fabric then will go about stapling them onto the board and attaching ribbons criss cross style onto it and adding buttons on each of the cross over. Then they can pin photos/ notes/ etc onto it or just slipping it under the criss cross ribbons.

Just for interest, I have got just a few Tone Finnegan (Tilda) books from Amazon. It gives you lots of ideas on making fabric cute (shabby chic) stuff for the home.

Hope this helps.

Or otherwise if not using wooden letters. I suppose you can type letters onto the computer in whatever fonts you want, then print them out and using a photocopiers print them in the size you want. Then using fabric, trace cut the letters and sew together, maybe with a layer of padding in between and trim the edges with ribbons? This is just a guess as I have yet to make this.

Or maybe put a layer of cardboard instead of padding?

twolittledarlings Sun 18-Sep-11 22:25:04

Sorry, the authors name is Tone Finnanger and not Tone Finnegan

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