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Looking for a birdcage wedding cake decoration. Can you help?

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JimmyTarbuck Mon 12-Sep-11 23:26:22

My mum is decorating a wedding cake for my brother and is hoping to find an ornamental birdcage to sit on the top cake. Does anyone know if such a thing exists and where to buy it? Hope you can help.

DoesItWearingWellies Tue 13-Sep-11 02:41:01

Although not a cake topper specifically, this could be used as one.

There is also a large selection of small, decorative birdcages here that could also be used.


ednurse Tue 13-Sep-11 02:56:10

I always see them in department stores/nice garden centre shops next to the Union Jack cushions and photo frames and such.

JimmyTarbuck Tue 13-Sep-11 23:05:45

helpful as always. thank you

Lovefruitsandvegs Wed 14-Sep-11 11:53:49

That is an interesting idea from you mother smile Is the cage for her future DIL? I think I would not go with this but this is just me.

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