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Old clothes- what can I do with them?

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Basically where do I start?! Me and the DC's have loads of bits that are a bit big/small and I like to think I have a crafty person hiding somewhere inside! Where would I find tutorials etc on beginning to turn these into something?

zaphod Tue 13-Sep-11 07:33:04

If you can crochet, you can cut them into strips and make a rug with them. You need a large hook but that's easily got online. Google it and see.

Deux Wed 14-Sep-11 16:13:14

Do you have a sewing machine? You can also make a quilt of some kind. It doesn't have to be a fancy pattern or anything, just squares.

So cut out squares of fabric of the same size eg 6.5 inches, sew them together with a quarter inch seam allowance. Sew them up in 2s, then sew your 2s together to make a row. Repeat and sew rows together. Quilt top done. (you could do this by hand)

Then you need a backing layer and some kind of wadding if you like. You don't need wadding at all depending on the weight of the fabrics. Then you need some means of holding your layers together. You can do this quite 'rustically' using a courser thread and some running stitches. Or you could randomly place buttons to hold the layers together. you would be best to use fabrics of a similar type so don't try to mix stretchy jersey with cotton.

You could also do some kind of rag quilt, where the seams are on the outside and are then cut into and frayed looking.

Try googling, how to make a simple quilt.

Deux Wed 14-Sep-11 16:16:07

Another thought, you could make a rag rug. This involves a type of hessian then you either hook or pull through strips of fabric.

You can buy kits where you will get the backing, some basic instructions and a hook or pusher.


JammyJenny Wed 14-Sep-11 17:35:07

Cut them up and make them into a quilt smile Just like Deux says!

Deux Wed 14-Sep-11 18:09:28

My granny used to make the most beautiful quilts out of scraps of fabric and old clothes. She'd use an old blanket as the wadding. Lovely!

Another thought I had if you do want to make a quilt is that you could buy one of Ikea's fleece blankets or similar and use that as your backing and wadding.

You could turn under a seam all around your quilt top and just stitich the 2 together then blanket stitch the edges. Or put them right sides together and stitch around the whole lot and turn inside out. Might try the latter myself.

Good luck, keep us posted. I do like a quilt thread. smile

kellestar Wed 14-Sep-11 19:20:30

I've also seen quite alot of remakes, adults clothes into childs clothes on Pinterest...

jeans into a skirt

mens shirt into a girls dress

mens shirt into ladies top

I love the idea of making something new out of something old and wearing it again.

I'm currently attempting to turn an old dress of mine into a pinafore for DD grin hand sewing though as MIL has machine!!

Turning mine into bunting!

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