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What to put in tea cups as gifts

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mogs0 Sun 11-Sep-11 17:48:28

i have 12 small tea cups and saucers left over from candle making last year. I'm looking for simple and inexpensive ideas to fill them as gifts for this year.

Any suggestions?

cookielove Sun 11-Sep-11 17:52:22



Homemade bath bombs?

Home made tea mixes?

Home made bath salts?

bran Sun 11-Sep-11 17:56:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PerAr6ua Sun 11-Sep-11 18:13:41

Dolly mixtures grin

picture it, wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon round the top

Or is that just me?

GiganticusBottomus Sun 11-Sep-11 18:17:49

Oh yes, fudge...mmmm...fudge. I have a fab chocolate fudge recipe from last year, will dig it out for you if you fancy doing fudge. Om nom nom smile

cookielove Sun 11-Sep-11 18:51:06

Ooooooh please post the recipe please please please smile

mogs0 Sun 11-Sep-11 19:22:44

Fudge sounds great! Would love the recipe please - is it easy to make?

I'd also like some non food ideas - bath bombs sound interesting - could I make these easily and cheaply? My sister organises a craft fair before Christmas and I go along to make up numbers but I'm not really crafty so it has to be easy! I made candles last year and they looked so pretty displayed on cake stands but I think I only sold about 6 and they took quite a bit of effort to make - especially as it was a not for profit exercise!

CherryMonster Sun 11-Sep-11 20:02:19

peppermint cremes and strawberry cremes. yummy and dead simple to make (bit of hard work to stir though) bit of green colouring in the peppermint then half dip in melted plain chocolate. bit of pink colouring in the strawberry cremes and then half dip in melted white chocolate.

GilbonzoTheSecretPsychoCunt Sun 11-Sep-11 20:08:00

Baileys chocolate truffles......mmmmm

(Melt white choc with a bit of double cream and some Baileys, leave in fridge, make into balls et voila!)

plipplops Sun 11-Sep-11 20:59:39

CherryMonster what do you put in strawberry creams? DH made peppermint creams with DD1 today but strawberry creams sound great!?!

GiganticusBottomus Sun 11-Sep-11 21:19:20

Ooh yes, strawberry creams sound lovely. Any ideas how to do orange creams too? They are my family's favourites. Right, fudge recipe below. It is American so they use cups but the key ingredients have oz too. I've googled and a cup is 8floz which should help with the evap milk. I used a mix of dark and milk chocolate drops I think. It's magic when you put in the marshmallows because it goes really thick really quickly smile

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

2 Tablespoons butter or margarine
2/3 cup evaporated milk
1-1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups (4 ounces) miniature marshmallows
1-1/2 cups (9 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts, optional
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine butter or margarine, evaporated milk, sugar, and salt in a medium, heavy-duty saucepan. Bring to a full rolling boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil stirring constantly for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat.

Stir in marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts, and vanilla. Stir vigorously for 1 minute or until marshmallows are melted. Pour into a foiled-lined 8-inch square baking pan. Chill until firm.

Milk chocolate fudge: Substitute 2 cups milk chocolate chips for semisweet chocolate chips.

Butterscotch fudge: Substitute 1-2/3 cups butterscotch-flavored chips for semisweet chips.

Mint chocolate fudge: Substitute 1-1/2 cups mint-chocolate chips for semisweet chips.

mogs0 Mon 12-Sep-11 01:15:56

Great recipe, thanks!!

Sn0wGoose Mon 12-Sep-11 16:08:21

You can turn them into great pincushions too!

mogs0 Mon 12-Sep-11 20:14:03

Do you think you could use any material or does it have to be a certain type?

GiganticusBottomus Mon 12-Sep-11 21:12:23

How do you turn them into pin cushions? Sounds fab!

RueDeWakening Mon 12-Sep-11 22:32:25

There are tons of tutorials about if you google. For eg:

They can look really nice - material wise, a medium or heavy weight cotton would work best I reckon.

shodatin Tue 13-Sep-11 00:43:53

Use bulb-fibre to almost fill small cups, and plant with 3 crocus bulbs. Put cups on saucers and place ribbon (matching colour?) underneath, tieing on top with a bow to keep set together before using as gift. Friend made these recently - very pretty.

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