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Attic 24 wrist Warmers!

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Narketta Sun 11-Sep-11 13:32:30

Has anyone here made these lovely wrist warmers by Lucy of Attic 24.

I sat and made the basic rectangles last night and have sewn one of them up this morning and the join looks a mess.

If you've made them how did you get your join to look nice and neat? grin

jendifa Mon 12-Sep-11 08:53:40

I made them a few years ago. I remember that one took some unpicking after I sewed it up, but the other was fine. What did you do to join them?

Narketta Mon 12-Sep-11 09:37:03

Hi jendifasmile
I whip stitched them together and it looked terrible I think partly because of the colour changes. But last night I single crochet them and they looked slightly better but i'm still not 100% happy with the finish.

I want to perfect it because i'm making them for a couple of friends for christmas.

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