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Does anyone do stained glass?

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acatcalledbob Fri 09-Sep-11 09:17:26

I used to go to evening classes to learn to do stained glass panels (foiled or leaded) and gave up when I fell pg with DD1 - I was told that soldering lead wasn't ideal... So that was 7 years ago, I've dug out my stained glass kit and feel like getting back into it but need some inspiration (even if it's for Xmas tree decorations!)

Anyone out there?

isitmidnightalready Fri 09-Sep-11 23:31:40

I used to do stained glass and I loved it. No matter how bad I did the soldering, it looked great against the light. I also gave up as I was worried about little feet and shards of glass. Saying that, I have just recommenced my only craftiness 15 years on and have mosaic mirrored a girls world head and a plastic torso from an old nderwear shop. I love it. It makes me very happy. I had forgotten the pleasure of creating something beautiful and quirky for myself.

I still get great pleasure out of my few stained glass things I have - I know my mum treasures hers, and not just cos I made it....honest!

What are you planning to do first??

I did a couple of great planet explosions looking things - basically lots of long this triangles of glass all different sizes and lengths and then foiled and soldered them together so that all the thin ends of the traingels met inthemiddle. The edges were all jaggedy. I just used any bits of glass I could find. It was about 6 inches across. Hard to describe but dead easy to make - and very good-looking!

Also a panel made of squares of undersea images, each about 6 inch square, then soldered them together to make a whole image. crabs, seaweed, fish, octopus type thing, bubbles made from glass beads fromthe fishes mouths. And lots of kinds of blue around it. It now serves as a piece of fussy glazing on the bathroom plain glass window.

ooh - I am getting all excited. My kit is all long gone, but maybe I can build it up again...

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