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Will anyone help me with my Sizzix mission?

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UsingMainlySpoons Wed 07-Sep-11 15:33:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BetsyBoop Thu 08-Sep-11 15:58:27

My first thought was CEC as I get all my sizzix stuff there. (didn't know they made BigzXL dies that big shock)

CEC sell this size of die though, so I suspect that they may be out of stock of the cutting mats (things that go out of stock don't show on their website) I would email them & ask if they can get hold of them, they have always been very helpful when I have contacted them.

UsingMainlySpoons Thu 08-Sep-11 16:12:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bumpybecky Thu 08-Sep-11 16:22:56

is it these you're looking for?

they're not in stock at the moment but I should be seeing the shop owner at a crop this weekend so can ask if it helps, or you could email, she's very friendly smile

UsingMainlySpoons Thu 08-Sep-11 16:47:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BetsyBoop Thu 08-Sep-11 18:23:10

If you already have the shorter XL cutting plates you should be able to use them as a temporary measure (I know I did that with a XL die & the small cutting plates when my XL plate snapped in two & I was waiting for a replacement!) by cutting the first half, sliding the rest of the die through & then moving the plates to cut the second half IYSWIM. Not a long term solution as a bit of a faff & not worth buying the shorter XL plates if you don't already have them. Or even better if you have normal XL plates + standard plates you could perhaps line them up, I think the normal XL are about 14" & the standard 8", so that would nearly do it!

Are these super long XL dies a fairly new release? (or have I been particularly vacant & not noticed them before grin) If so that is why they are showing "contact your retailer" on the sizzix uk site, they always do that for a month or so after a new release before you can buy them online direct from them.

UsingMainlySpoons Thu 08-Sep-11 19:02:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bumpybecky Sat 10-Sep-11 17:22:28

I asked my friend today at the crop. She said she'd had an enquiry this week about this already, not sure if it was you. She said she'll ring Sizzix this week and ask, if they're in the country she can have them in about a week, otherwise they can be ordered in but it'll take several (4-6?) weeks as they come from China. She also said that just because they're not showing in stock on the Sizzix site it doesn't mean that they don't have them confused.

Anyway if you contact her next week she should be able to give you an answer smile good luck in your hunt!

UsingMainlySpoons Wed 14-Sep-11 17:43:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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