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Quick and Easy Crochet Fix

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LatteLady Wed 07-Sep-11 13:40:46

I know that several of you have started to crochet recently and I found a lovely little pattern on the Making magazine site - ;in ks and a piccy of the brooch on my blog. Took me just 30 mins from start to finish smile

CompactDisc Thu 08-Sep-11 11:45:21

Ah so glad to see someone else doing crochet! I did all my babies' layette and my mom did the most amazing wrap to go with the christening gown. I absolutely love crochet and my baby girl has managed reasonably to learn it, although she prefers knitting with needles - me, give me a knitting machine any day, but those two sticks are a bit confusing LOL! At least with crochet I can relax and repeat the pattern in my head and let my fingers do the work while I watch tv....

To LATTELADY: Did you ever attempted to old-fashioned but oh so lovely looking cotton crochet dollies? You had to put so much starch on those after they were finished for presentation purpose, phew!

Later CD

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