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draft excluder!

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DottyDot Wed 07-Sep-11 10:53:15

Am thinking of making a draft excluder now it's getting chilly - does anyone have a pattern/instructions or should I just chop a leg off some jeans and sew up? I could fill with some old clothes I'm getting rid of - or a pillow? I don't really want anything fancy, just something to keep the chill out!

Sn0wGoose Wed 07-Sep-11 11:39:26

I'd think a trouser leg would do, or some thick old tights?

It's basically just a long rectangle folded in half and seamed; you can stuff it with old clothes or the insides of an old pillow smile

cloudpuff Wed 07-Sep-11 12:00:06

I recently crocheted one, which you can see here.


It was really simple to do and only took a few evenings. Its meant to be a baby toy but still looks ok.

cloudpuff Wed 07-Sep-11 12:00:38

Forgot to add that the pattern is from "Baby Crochet"

DottyDot Wed 07-Sep-11 12:23:05

Awww - he's fab! smile

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