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Passap knitting machine help needed!

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itsazoohere Sun 04-Sep-11 13:52:54

I've been given a passap duomatic, but with no manual. It's now sitting in my kitchen taunting me. I have NO idea how to use it, I can only find online free manuals for a passap 80 (which it isn't-that one is has a green handle-this has pink knobs) and I'm getting increasingly stressed as the bonfire season has already started in Sussex and I have five jumpers to make.
My daughter pointed out that whenever I have major problems I look to Mumsnet for answers-so, can anyone save my sanity?

CompactDisc Mon 05-Sep-11 12:46:47

Hi Itsazoohere,

Give me the exact serial/manufacture number I'll find it for you? I've had a look at a site just now, but since they are specific about it, i.e. each machine has different bits and bobs, I can't find pink knobs vs. green handle!

I've used knitting machines about early 90s, mine was a Singer, and I've sold it after about 5 years of use. And the kids, along with the dogs, were warm as toast.

Hope this helps

Later CD

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