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Help me knit a baby blanket

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hopehopehope Mon 29-Aug-11 18:45:58


Could anyone offer me advice on how to get started on a baby blanket? (I am currently pregnant and due to probs in my last pregnancy am stuck resting lots and am desperate for some projects). I used to knit jumpers and batwing cardigans as a teenager which I wore with pride (and have the photos to prove it!) but have forgotten it all and because my mum who was a fab knitter died 10 years ago, I haven't got anyone to ask for help.

I've got a beginners book that goes through casting on/off, different stitches etc but what I don't have is needles/wool etc. I'd love to knit a stripy multicoloured blanket to fit a moses basket in a simple stitch as a starting project but don't have a clue as to what size needles, what type of wool to buy, how much wool I need, how many stitches to cast on etc. I've looked online but the patterns I've seen seem to be for people who know what they're doing and I was planning on just casting on, then knitting until it seems the right size.

Any help would be wonderful, many thanks!!!

maclover135 Mon 29-Aug-11 19:21:45

Have you had a look on ravelry? They have some lovely baby blanket patterns which are quite simple and some are free to download. You can also ask for help on the site. HTH

duchesse Mon 29-Aug-11 19:34:29

Best baby blanket pattern ever is the prairie blanket. Very very easy and you can use exactly the amount of yarn you have as you knit from a corner to halfway, increasing every row, then decrease again to the opposite corner. I've knitted two and you really can do it while watching telly. Lovely soft stitch it is too, and very warm. I do recommend doing a tension square on a variety of needles to find the best fit to make it supple and soft. I'll try to find the pattern online. Otherwise I have an electronic copy somewhere I can send you.

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