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Anyone know a book to teach me about using colour?

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SybilBeddows Sun 28-Aug-11 21:39:31

I have been patchworking for a year or so and don't have an arty background at all but I am really enjoying the creative aspect of it.
I have noticed that the patchworkers I really admire seem to have mostly studied painting at some point and hence have a mastery of colour.

I would like to learn more about colour but haven't a clue where to start; I got a lot out of a Kevin McCloud book on choosing paint colours, but I'm wondering if there's anything less interior-decorating-based, IYSWIM.


Jellykat Sun 28-Aug-11 22:11:32

I don't know of any books as such, but i once made a scrap book for DS1, full of pictures from magazines/ postcards of paintings/ material swatches etc.. Mainly as a reference for which colours go together well, and in what proportion...

Magazines like 'Country living' ( nicked from my DM grin ) have good piccys, as do gardening mags - the colours in nature ( birds, flowers ,etc) are good pointers too..

m0nkeynuts Mon 29-Aug-11 10:46:31

What about The Non-Designer's Design Book? It's about design in general but has a good big section on colour (see the "Look Inside" contents page!).

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