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Please help me find the right yarn for a Clanger!

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Funtimewincies Sun 28-Aug-11 13:41:05

Ds1 would like a knitted clanger for his 5th birthday in December grin.

I've managed to get a pattern (Patons) but the wool that it suggests looks like it's been discontinued. I was wondering if you clever bods who know about such things could help me to find a similar yarn of the right weight and colour.

The original yarn is Patons Knit'n'Save DK in Aurora Pink.

[hopeful emoticon]

kellestar Sun 28-Aug-11 18:36:52

sirdar snuggly dk in spicy pink looks a good clanger match. would that have been the womans weekly magazine one, my mum knitted me one from that pattern and having found it, the snuggly seems a close match in colour. Snuggly is a lovely soft acrylic yarn.

Funtimewincies Mon 29-Aug-11 17:30:40

Thanks smile, it looks just the thing!

I think that it's similar to the WW one. Well done to your mum, rumour has it that it was a bugger of a pattern to follow, but this one looks fairly sensible(ish) grin.

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