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Recommendations for a book to teach children to knit

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sevensevenseven Sat 27-Aug-11 10:52:07

My 8 yo niece who is here on holiday has expressed an interest in learning to knit. She lives 100 miles away and her mum can't knit so can't teach her. I was thinking about getting her a book or a starter kit for Christmas so she can teach herself to knit and wondered if anyone could recommend any. Thanks.

justcallmemummypig Sat 27-Aug-11 18:58:54

I have just started teaching myself, i bought an usbourne book 'how to knit' it is aimed at children, and has things like bags and mobile phone/mp3 covers and scarves etc.

Maybe if not you could cast on for her (assuming you knit?) and then she can take it from there, i think it will be difficult without an adult who can help around if she drops stitches. However if her mum asks around i'm sure she will be able to find an adult who lives nearby who could help out.

If not what about cross stitch, easier to do by yourself?

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