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Card making addict

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craftyknickers Sat 27-Aug-11 09:57:52

Is anyone else having a lazy day watching create and craft?

I might have to sit on my hands to not order anything! Will try to type with my tongue smile

Decided I need to crack on with xmas cards to might make a start on those today.

What crafty things is everyone else up to today? xx

pollyteapot Mon 29-Aug-11 07:31:31

I sometimes watch craft and create but I am addicted to QVC beauty mostly.

I bought loads of things to make my own cards but I am rubbish at it, sadly. And i got a million pages of scrapbook paper to use up as i used to wrap my soaps in them but I don't nay more.

Today, once the hangover from yesterday finally eases, (not used to champagne) I have soaps to wrap, sleep to be slept, and hopefully I might try making another card.

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