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Sewing machine help : My zig zag stitch keeps going funny

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TheOriginalNutcracker Fri 19-Aug-11 15:02:00

Have just bought a sewing machine and will admitt that it has been years since I have used one but so far setting it up etc has been ok.

I have been trying out some of the stitches and when i try and do zigzag stitch (follwoing the settings suggested) i get a zig zag and then some straight stitches and then a zig zag. It's not in any particular pattern just really random.

Have tried adjsting the tension etc but it is still doing it.

Any ideas ??

nickelbabe Fri 19-Aug-11 15:09:50

it sounds like your needle isn't in properly.

in most machines, the needle has a flat part. make sure that fits to the flat part of the holder.
then tighten it.

if that doesn't work, let me know, and someone else will rethink it for you! grin

TheOriginalNutcracker Fri 19-Aug-11 15:14:14

Thank's lol, i will check that now.

TheOriginalNutcracker Fri 19-Aug-11 15:21:12

Nope didn't make any difference.

The booklet suggests it might be because of using cheap thread, which I am. Does that really make such a difference ???

nickelbabe Fri 19-Aug-11 15:27:50

it doesn't usually.
but i suppose it could, if the rope isn't tight enough to grab it with the needle.
but that could be corected by using a sharp rather than a ball point needle.
try a better thread.

what about your bobbins?
are they the correct ones?
it can cause all sorts of pick up problems if you're supposed to be using a plastic bobbin and are using metal, for eample.

TheOriginalNutcracker Fri 19-Aug-11 15:30:22

Oh erm hang on, i need to look lol.

Never knew it could be so complicated grin

nickelbabe Fri 19-Aug-11 15:31:25

i know!
it's weird, when you think of all the things that can go wrong just by putting something in wrong, or having the wrong type of thing!

LatteLady Fri 19-Aug-11 18:19:17

I know this sounds stupid, but are you actually using blind hemming stitch rather than zig zag as this does a zigzag followed by about 3/4 running stitches. The graphic on my machine is very similar to a zigzag and I have picked the wrong stitch before.

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