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How much crafting did you do when dc's tiny?

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Sleepglorioussleep Sun 14-Aug-11 22:53:01

I suspect I'm being a bit unrealistic but I have urges to knit for dd2,6 weeks but no energy or time. Made all three blankets when pg, though. Have any of you managed much with really little ones? Unfortunately o can't feed no handed otherwise I'd be prolific!

AnnetteTwitcher Mon 15-Aug-11 05:07:18

Ah man I get so frustrated with lack of time I have for projects. Ds2 is 9 wks and feeds every 2 hrs so evenings are just spent either cooking our dinner, feeding him, collapsing.
Daytime I just spend my life running round after ds1, 2.4.
At the weekend I got desperate and just gave DH them both to look after (and kept out of my sight unless a bf needed!) while I ran up tablecloth/napkins I'd been dying to do for ages. it felt soooo good just to tackle a little project from start to finish!

It's got to get easier- not sure when though!

Sleepglorioussleep Mon 15-Aug-11 07:35:57

My mum made all our clothes bar socks and underwear! How?

AnnetteTwitcher Mon 15-Aug-11 20:32:58

Can you imagine???! Mums are amazing!

Sleepglorioussleep Mon 15-Aug-11 23:30:39

Not sure dd will say the same of me! But not all Mum's efforts were triumphant in style stakes!

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