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Anybody done either A level textiles or City and Guilds patchwork and quilting?

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Niecie Sun 14-Aug-11 18:13:57

Not sure if this is the right section but it seems as good a place as any.

I am considering these two courses as evening classes and I can't chose between them at the moment. I have done several basic patchwork and quilting ones already and want something a bit more meaty. On the other hand the A level textiles ones sounds good too and is a bit broader and will probably allow me to do some knitting and crochet too. I don't know how to chose between them.

Any advice or thoughts gratefully received. smile

Sn0wGoose Fri 19-Aug-11 17:06:49

Hi smile

I've not done either course, but I have done A Levels! grin

IME an A Level will be more academic and experimental, getting you to explore the characteristics of different fabrics, push boundaries and play with style, probably getting you to create something quite outlandish for your end of year project (think crisp packet-covered dresses) -- whereas City & Guilds will be more practical, and teach you grounded, practical patchwork skills, maybe a little bit of colour wheel theory but that'll be it.

So it depends what you're looking for in a course. Does the college have open days where you can look at students work?

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