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Buying a discontinued model of sewing machine

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Mummagumma Wed 10-Aug-11 13:28:22

Is it a bad idea? Would you be put off buying one? I'd almost made up my mind to get a Brother BC2100, which seems really well-liked with great reviews, but seems to be no longer manufactured (a fairly recent development). I'm also considering a Janome 525s. Not sure what to do.

kellestar Wed 10-Aug-11 16:12:15

I think over time most models of machine are discontinued. Often the parts are interchangeable. If it's a shop you are buying from, ask them what the spares/repairs are like. My machine is ancient, but most parts are standard, I have a local shop who specialise in repairs and he's been brilliant when it went a bit squiffy.

PurpleFrog Wed 10-Aug-11 16:50:47

If it gets good reviews it wouldn't put me off - especially since you might be able to find it cheaper since it has been discontinued!

InvaderZim Wed 10-Aug-11 20:20:31

Mine was an older model when I got it, as long as it's a good model from a reputable company you ought to be fine. I can still get different feet and accessories for my machine (now 10 years old) as these are all standard.

Mummagumma Thu 11-Aug-11 11:06:37

Thanks for the opinions. There is a very reputable dealership & repair centre not too far from here, so I'll go and have a chat with them. My current machine (Elna 2007) is a pain in the bum - don't want to make another mistake!

nickelbabe Thu 11-Aug-11 17:25:39

I wouldn't be put off.

Most sewing machine parts are standard anyway, even across ranges.

I have a Jones that was bought in the 1960s, and I can still get parts for it. smile

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