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I'd like to make a baby cocoon for the pushchair

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woowa Fri 29-Jul-11 21:22:09

I've just bought a double buggy as i'm pg with DC2, which has a fully reclining seat. The pram manufacturer sells the baby cocoon things for £200 to put a baby in, for 0-6 months, i guess. Can get on ebay for £100, but only in black, which depresses me! So, i thought i'd try making one. It just needs to have 4 sides and a base and two handles for lifting it out and putting in the cot when we get home (possibly, although the thought of a loop handle and a newborn is a bit scary, maybe it shouldn't have handles and stay in the pram). Anyway, first port of call was googling to see if anyone has done something similar, but whatever i search for, all i get is manufactured ones which fit particular prams, no patterns or ideas at all.

So, does anyone have any a) experience of making one or b) any idea how I could?

Basically it's a quilt shaped like a box, but with possibly some foam (or maybe a moses basket mattress? on the bottom for extra comfort. Thanks for your ideas!

ps i'm a confident machine sewer, so be as complicated as you like!

kellestar Mon 01-Aug-11 15:26:15

Hmm, my first question would be... Have any of your friends have one you could check out/measure up?? Even if it's not the official one, as long as it fits.

The one for my pushchair is quite stiff sided, not rigid, but firm and not like quilting. Possibly some flexible plastic inside.

SoupDragon Mon 01-Aug-11 18:40:13

buy the black one and make a colourful cover for it? grin

bacon Tue 02-Aug-11 15:17:44

Surely these must get hot and sweaty with foam mattress? What if you make the foam a piece you could take out seperately (plus you may need to wash) I always placed towelling under DS2 when he was in the car seat thing as it must be horribly hot. Get a mattress with holes in it or put some in to aid ventilation.

You could be naughty and order one and then measure up etc and send back?

I wouldnt spend £100 and £200 def not! - especially on something thats not going to be used much or for long.

I was going to make a waterproof one for DS2 but never got around to it. Waterproof fabrics are a must - they come in fab colours too. I did a similar question re: cutting pattern but no one could help. I did have some links to fabrics - you could search for the post?

I would go for it!

upsydaisysexstylist Wed 03-Aug-11 09:26:58

Have an old 70's fab baby craft book which has a carry cot pattern in which is remarkably similar to a cocoon. It has a plywoodbase, which I would not make and separate mattress. Looks fairly easy, from my memory once you have size of base can use circumferenc to get sides. Main thing to remember seems to be to position handles so cocoon will tilt downward once baby is in it

woowa Sun 07-Aug-11 20:44:35

Thanks all, like the waterprrof fabrics idea, plus removable foam, plus advice on flexible plastic inner. Will put thinking cap on!

monkeypuzzeltree Sun 14-Aug-11 21:09:56

You could do a strap which is over-sewn on the outside of the fabric which goes all the way underneath the bottom of the cocoon, you could even use strapping like normal seat straps are made from? Maybe use a moses basket mattress as the inner? I like your thinking though, do post a pic when you've finished!

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