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Activities for children 5yrs and up

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jessicalouise Wed 27-Jul-11 10:12:57

smile hello, any ideas
for reasonably priced fun activities or days out for children 5yrs and up.

iloveblue Wed 27-Jul-11 10:51:04

Hi - a few things we're going to be doing (I have two boys aged almost 5 and almost 7)

Library - they have a circus reading challenge this year.
Kids choose 6 books and then get stickers, certificates as they progress through them.

Sun print paper - ours arrived this morning, but havn't tried it yet.

Fimo/clay models

Writing stories - either typing on computer and printing out, or handwriting. Can then be illustrated and made into a little book. Good one for a rainy day.

Sketching simple objects outdoors

DS2 is getting a box of dressing up clothes for his birthday - so going to get them to plan and perform a little play. Will film it too.

Hiding some 'treasure' and making treasure maps

DS1 (6) has requested to 'go on an adventure' - so had an idea that we could pack bags with provisions and just leave the house with no destination in mind, and see where we end up. smile


kellestar Thu 28-Jul-11 16:23:50

You could do a scavenger hunt. Great in the park, give them a list of things to gind and set them off. If they complete a little present as a reward. Can be made more challenging. Have also done this with guides/brownies where we used disposable cameras or mobile phones with cameras. List of photos they had to take. Not people which may be a little weird. But colours, a particular word, animal, vegetable, mineral etc.

Papier mache is also cheap and great for miserable days stuck in home. Make something small or large, use scrunched paper/kitchen roll tubes as a base and build from there, you could have it as an ongoing rainy day activity.

Fabric pens on old t-shirts

Is you mn local up to date with days out or whats going on??

Pick your own, do you have one nearby.

Go to a woodland and collect lots of dry leaves for a collage, this may be for 1/2 term as leaves will be coming down by then.

A small pot of quick growing lettuce cut and come again.

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