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I have just tried freezer-paper to paint a stencil onto a t-shirt for the first time

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overmydeadbody Tue 26-Jul-11 11:42:22

and wow! It actually works really well.

I had read about freezer paper all over the web, but as it's an american thing I didn't think much about it, and then I eventually got round to ordering some off Ebay and trying the method out, as in the tutorial here at MADE and it worked really well!

If anyone else wants an easy but very rewarding project to do this summer, and even involve the DCs in, I highly recommend buying some freezer paper and fabric paint and cheap plain t-shirts, the possibilities are endless!

DS's tortoise t-shirt can be seen here

You can even buy UV fabric paint on ebay grin

kellestar Tue 26-Jul-11 19:43:43

love it! Very funky and want to do one too! I can see them being a successful homemade x-mas present idea. Just to think of some good slogans!

iloveblue Tue 26-Jul-11 22:53:11

Ooh, I've been wanting to try this for ages.
Great end result - you make it look so easy.
Would you mind sharing your freezer paper source please. smile

overmydeadbody Wed 27-Jul-11 09:15:40

The freezer paper was bought online from the crafty quilter

It might seem like a lot of money but you get a lot of freezer paper for that, enough for a lot of t shirts!

Yes they would be great for christmas presents, birthday presents etc. I have just made one for my brother as a present using uv paint as he's off to global gathering this weekend.

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