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Which type of paint to use

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Fizzylemonade Mon 25-Jul-11 16:09:58

My two sons and I have started to make a city using cereal boxes. So far I have covered them in toilet roll and used watered down PVA glue to attach the toilet roll (would have used newspaper but we don't get any and this was short notice) smile

I have painted them with normal ELC ready mixed paint which seems to have worked okay but should I be using acylic paints? I have tried to add PVA glue to the ELC paint but it makes the paint turn into one big lump as if the PVA has glued all the paint together.

The City is taking on a life of it's own, I have requests for a library and a prison grin (Playmobil motorcycle cop will be busy) so I want something that will last a while at least.

My son also made an incredible Mexican mask in school using half a 4 pint milk bottle, he says they used powdered paint. Would this have been mixed with water or something else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did do a search and came across Dingle's Hoola Hoop Giraffe here which made me feel very inferior grin but inspired!

Dingle Mon 25-Jul-11 16:33:15

LOL, just read this and had to laugh about "Hoola Hoop!" He is still going strong and after wandering around the house, garden, playhouse...he now stands in the corner of the dining room! hmm

The giraffe was actually aimed at being an outdoor school project so I did use an old tin of yellow emulsion paint I had left over and an exterior brown gloss for the spots. Simply because I had them laying around the garage!

Are you using too much PVA in the paint? You may need to do several layers to colour and build up strength, followed by a varnish or watered down PVA!

We use powered paint at work, you can mix it a suitable consistency according to how you are going to use it- I also mix PVA into that, or even a dash of washing up liquid to give a nice texture.

Good luck! smile

Fizzylemonade Mon 25-Jul-11 18:30:31

Thanks Dingle. Maybe I am using too much PVA. I think I bought it from The Range a few years ago so hopefully it should still be fine to use.

I was using the ELC paint as that was all I had in but I have been drooling over the Yellow Moon brochure and wanted some projects to do over the summer with the boys.

I didn't know you could use washing up liquid. I'm a complete novice but have a lot of enthusiasm and time grin

queenmaeve Mon 25-Jul-11 21:26:57

dingle that girraffe is amazing!!! i clicked of it quickly though for fear mine would see it and want to try it grin

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