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cake/sugarcraft magazine?

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nimbs Sat 23-Jul-11 10:09:52

My sil is really good at decorating cakes and is thinking of starting it up as a business, for her birthday I wondered whether I could get her a subscription to a magazine - but which one and would it be worth it. TIA

kellestar Sat 23-Jul-11 16:02:14

It may be worth popping to a local newsagent or WH Smiths and flicking through their selection. Top choices are 'Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine' which is quite fun and covers cupcakes, 'Cake Craft and Decoration' is another option but is a bit more about the big cakes. Free Gifts aren't essential, look for a magazine that has a good variety rather than being a bit specific. You can sometimes see some good subscription offers inside the magazines that often include a free gift.

nimbs Sat 23-Jul-11 21:53:28

fab - thanks will have a look

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