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Is it possible to make a couch from old foam mattress?

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Octavia09 Wed 20-Jul-11 11:08:02

We cannot afford to buy a new sofa but we have finished with our foam mattress which gives us pain in the lower backs. My DH says we could make a couch out of it by bending it together and fastening with belts. That is too simple and I do not really want to have this bulk in the living room.
The mattress is 160cm by 200cm. It is actually from IKEA. I think it would have been better if we cut it in two but then the mattress cover is not elastic. We will probably would have to buy a special fabric to make it pretty. Has anyone come across a website about self-made couches. I have seen from spring mattresses but not from foam. Thank you for the help.

shodatin Wed 20-Jul-11 22:28:44

I like the idea of cutting the foam and using it with a (slatted?) wooden base. Simple measurements would be to cut the length into two pieces each 50cm, which would give a double thickness for seating area, leaving a piece 100cm x 160cm to use as the back (glue to seating area? bit more carpentry?)
It would need covering with fabric of course, but one decent-sized curtain from the charity shop would be fine, or two smaller, and would cost very little. Our local council charge £30 to take away a mattress, so it could cost less to re-use it in this way - and be more fun! Good luck - p.s. suggest borrowing an electric carving knife for the foam cutting.

Octavia09 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:07:44

Thank you shodatin! Last night we made a nice couch but without a slated base. We cut the foam horizontally, wider bit for sitting. We had to cut a horizontal stripe to throw it out (approx. 10ch width) so we could put another bit up to support our backs. The couch looks like letter L just with the wider bit for sitting. We managed to zip the mattress cover and it looks really nice.
It was really hard to cut the foam with scissors but then we found our old paper knife with extra sharp blade and the job was done. It would have looked nice with a base but then it does not better. At least we do not have to pay to throw it out.

shodatin Fri 22-Jul-11 01:28:20

Congratulations! Sounds good and doesn't even need a new cover - 10/10

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