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can any knitters who are good at maths help me with a guage problem?

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bamboobutton Fri 08-Jul-11 14:18:22

the item i'm knitting has a guage of 11sts and 15rows to 10x10cm.

my guage is 11sts & 12rows.

the pattern is mostly measured in cm so the row guage doesn't matter much but the pattern has come to a bit that asks for 6 garter rows to be knitted and i just can't for the life of me figure out what that is in centimeters, i think it's 4cm.


bamboobutton Fri 08-Jul-11 14:19:25

and i've spelled gauge wrong too.


angelpantser Fri 08-Jul-11 15:04:20

From the gauge of the pattern 10cm = 15 rows therefore 1cm = 1.5 rows, 2cm=3 rows so 6 rows would be 4cm.

From your gauge 12 rows = 10cm so 6 rows = 5cm.

Does that help or have I confused you further?

bamboobutton Fri 08-Jul-11 15:39:42

oooh! thanks.

i'm still confused (dyscalculic) so i am going to take your word for it.

thanks again!

Pleiades45 Mon 11-Jul-11 16:17:15

Thought I'd paste this link here, it's helped me a lot. Not sure if it can answer your question though!

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