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How can I preserve latex?

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Galena Tue 28-Jun-11 22:34:15

No, it's nothing pervy, it's not Friday night!

I was looking through DD's memory box earlier (born at 27 weeks, now 2.2 and I've just bought her a doll and was comparing size of doll to size of her when she was first born) and found her dummy that she was given in NICU to stimulate her sucking reflex. It's tiny but 'proper' dummy shaped and has a latex teat.

I am worried it will perish as it ages, and I would like to keep it (it's amazingly tiny). I wondered about whether I could put it into some resin or something to make a paperweight/ornament type thing or whether anyone had any other ideas about what I could do?

kellestar Fri 01-Jul-11 08:48:55

You could probably set in resin, not sure if resin needs to be hot and would melt the latex though, may be worth a google.

In the years gone by, my mum had my first booties silver plated. No idea how that works.

rockinhippy Fri 01-Jul-11 09:49:52

I used to work with the pervy stuff grin - it is very difficult to preserve long term, but making sure it is very clean - using gentle solution of washing up liquid clean it thoroughly in all nooks & crannies (sweat & enzymes in spit will break it down) - then keep it well dusted in talcum powder, make sure its the proper stuff though, its better than the cornflower type subs - this keeps it dry which helps preserve it

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