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I have had the loveliest day in Bath

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Bumperlicioso Wed 22-Jun-11 20:38:09

DH got a tax rebate a few weeks ago and gave me some money to spend on myself smile. Taking my inspiration from the new mag Mollie Makes (love it btw!) I booked onto a sling making workshop at The Makery in Bath. Picture of the finished project on my profile. The class was for complete beginners, which tbh I'm not, and I have made two slings before. But I am no more than competent, and tend to be optimistic rather than good at sewing grin, so it was good to actually learn a few techniques, and appreciate the necessity of patience and meticulousness, neither of which are my forte.

I then ventured into Bath, stopping on my way at a lovely charity shop called Julian House which has fab books, I bought two, Dream Babies which is a critique of parenting advice over the years, and a book on human evolution. I also bought two pictures in my newly inspired attempt to make something of the soulless box we call home.

Then I went into The Makery's shop in town. I want to make a crochet bag (a bag for my crochet) and needed inspiration, so I just did something I never do, picked some ribbon I like to inspire me. I nearly spent so much money on cute things but resisted.

Next stop was a yarn shop called wool. The woman who runs it is so lovely, I just chatted to her while stroking the wool smile. In the end I bought some flesh coloured wool to make some crocheted breasts for my breastfeeding group, and instead of looking hmm at me when I told her, she pulled out of her bag 4 unfinished knitted breasts grin. I also bought one of these ergonomic hooks.

Final stop in my day of loveliness was a fabric shop just opposite wool called Country Threads. The woman in there was so helpful. I just showed her the ribbon I'd bought and said 'I've got a crap eye, I need some lovely fabric to go with this' and she took me off and was pulling out fabrics. She also said I looked too young to have children and thought I was a student grin

Everyone was lovely, even the park and ride driver was so cheery, I've had a lovely day. DH took the kids to his mum's so it was a nice break. Sorry for all the name checks and links, it's just everyone was so nice today and I had such a delightful time, I feel inspired and rejuvenated. I just need to find some time to actually so stuff grin

If you get a chance to go to Bath there is a whole day of crafting and charity shopping to do.

sparklyrainbow Wed 22-Jun-11 20:59:02

sounds lovely, am very envy <sigh>

sling looks good too smile

Bumperlicioso Wed 22-Jun-11 21:08:54

Thanks. Usually these days off end up being more exhausting or boring than I hope but this was just energising smile

MrsFrogg Thu 23-Jun-11 08:39:19

Sounds like a fab day! I am off to Bath shopping today smile Have added all your shops to my list :D

RantyMcRantpants Thu 23-Jun-11 09:49:59

Sounds like a fantastic day and thanks for all the links, I've been wondering where the best place to go to get stuff was in the area and now I know.

Tangle Thu 23-Jun-11 12:48:59

Its a small world - I think I was in Country Threads (is that the kind of patchwork fabric shop?) yesterday as well - live nowhere near Bath but DH and I were having a child-free break courtesy of the ILs smile.

The lady there was lovely (although I'd made the mistake of taking DH with me, which did limit me a little grin) and I've now got some fabric to start a project - I want to make a buttercup bag for a friend.

We had a nice day as well - possibly helped by not venturing forth till the sun came out wink. Fingers crossed we all find some time to make the most of our new found inspiration smile

moominthecorner Thu 23-Jun-11 13:18:33

LOL at the emerging half finished breasts bump - v glad you had such a lovely time...I feel an expedition coming on...its sounds wonderful...bring the boobs to knitting club next time, perhaps we can make them a bra bag to carry them around in!

moominthecorner Thu 23-Jun-11 13:19:28

cool sling too...

ReshapeWhileDamp Thu 23-Jun-11 20:57:35

Wow - sounds the best day I could imagine! I love Bath but we hardly ever go, and when we do, I never have the opportunity just to drift and shop. envy Boob-knitting is strangely pleasing, I do it myself.

Love your home-made kitchen, btw. And the shoes. And the sling. and the tipi... grin

Bumperlicioso Thu 23-Jun-11 21:27:09

Ooh glad I've had more replies and given people ideas. How bizarre Tangle! Glad you liked it too. Bag looks lovely. Look forward to seeing the finished project.

Reshap, I'm a complete attention whore putting those things on my profile. I'm very proud of them, as I keep saying, I'm more optimistic than proficient at this crafting lark!

Moomin, will bring my stuff to knitting group. Not sure how the boobs will go down though...

moominthecorner Thu 23-Jun-11 22:07:58

One can only try...not all bf afficianados it has to be said.

moominthecorner Fri 24-Jun-11 06:39:42

Lol at attention whore btw gringringrin

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