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I would like to make a towelling cosytoes/buggysnuggle

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We are off on hols soon with our 7month old, I thought I would try and make a cosytoes out of towelling material so if we are out and about at the beach and she gets sandy/wet/etc then it doesn't matter about the pushchair as it would be protected. Does this sound a stupid idea? I am very uncreative so I am thinking very basic towelling material backed by some waterproof material (can you glue this sort of thing!). What type of material would be best and has anyone done this?


jetmonkey Mon 13-Jun-11 18:28:41

I am not very 'crafty' myself but it sounds like a good idea to me!

Would it even need to be waterproof backed? Maybe it depends on your pushchair?

If you make it successfully perhaps there would be a market for it smile

hmm just had a thought, might be easier to buy a towelling poncho and then just out a hole for the bottom pushchair strap and velcro down the sides.

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