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Wise crafty sewing Mners - how easy it is it to size up/down a pattern?

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Tobermory Mon 06-Jun-11 11:35:20

I just love this pattern here and have fancy ideas of making it for my DDs for the summer.
But in theory would need to buy both sizes, DD1 is wearing 5/6 and DD2 just going into 2.

Tell me it's possible to size up a pattern even for a novice?

Tobermory Mon 06-Jun-11 11:36:48

and just look at this gorgeous, gorgeous fabric!

stealthsquiggle Mon 06-Jun-11 11:41:27

Oooh - Oliver&S patterns - and gorgeous fabric. I am not going to be helpful, I am afraid - the differences in sizes always puzzle me so I wouldn't be brave enough to try it.

If you do get the pattern, do come back and tell how you found it - and I might be brave enough to do it myself grin. I have been eyeing up various Oliver&S patterns for ages.

stealthsquiggle Mon 06-Jun-11 11:42:49

those fabrics are lovely, but the prices are for fat quarters, which make them expensive by my standards [cheapskate]

Niecie Mon 06-Jun-11 13:04:01

I asked this same question a few weeks ago here. There are lots of tips on there.

It doesn't sound easy though.sad

Admittedly I wanted to size up adult clothes but I would have thought that it is harder for children's clothes because it isn't just their height and width that changes but their proportions (leg/arm length in relations to their body).

Depends how good you are but I have chickened out and not bothered.blush

Lovely fabric by the way. It would make gorgeous dresses.

Tobermory Mon 06-Jun-11 13:20:16

These aren't the positive responses i was after!!

It's tricky huh?

I cant spend £26 on patterns...

and then that lovely fabric...

Niecie Mon 06-Jun-11 13:29:05

You could buy the bigger size and wait for your youngest to grow into it? <helpful>grin

stealthsquiggle Mon 06-Jun-11 14:23:05

hmmmmm... well you could make the 4y size for DD2 and just turn it up lots, maybe? It's not a very fitted design and in my (limited) experience American patterns come up quite small [hopeful]?

I would suggest a shared investment in the larger size, but that would break all sorts of rules....

Tobermory Mon 06-Jun-11 16:03:22

Both my DDs also have room to grow, its my mantra when shopping!!

OOoooooh, a shared investment, stealth? I may well be interested - secret though of course ! wink

stealthsquiggle Mon 06-Jun-11 16:53:04

They are real patterns, aren't they? For some reason I had it in my head that they were pdf downloads..... (makes joint ownership less practical)

nickelbabe Mon 06-Jun-11 16:55:16

I think it's easy to size up a pattern!
although, for this one, I don't think i'd bother sizing it up -
I would take your DD's measurements and just make a pattern from the drawing.
(but that's just me - i'm quite good at that kind of thing....)

Niecie Mon 06-Jun-11 16:59:51

You could always try the sizing first on an old sheet or something before you committed to doing the adjustments for your younger DD. That way if it didn't work or needed lots of fiddling before you got it right, you wouldn't have wasted any money.

nickelbabe Mon 06-Jun-11 17:03:39

(ps - i'd get the bigger one and size down for the 2yo.

it's pretty easy - work out your 2yo's measurements, and look at the pattern.
then each measurement it gives on the pattern, reduce by that amount.

okay, say that you've got 3 pieces on the front of the dress (2 sides and one centre front) - if the difference in measurements are 20 cm all round, assume 10cm for the front pieces.
you then have to divide that 10cm by the number of seams you have.
for 3 pieces, you've got 6 seams, so you would reduce each seam by 10/6 = 1.67cm.

do the same with the back pieces.

bear in mind that all length measurements will be different too - my recommendation would be th ignore the length, and concentrate on the armholes (this only works for children's garments cos their shapes are not so different). measure the armhole for the older size, then put a piece of ribbon/paper to that exact size against her armpit. (around the upper arm)
see how much it allows for movement, then apply that logic to your 2yo by measuring round her armpit with paper or ribbon.
then measure it (say it's 25cm or something) - work out the measurements on each garment, and divide your ribbon by that much - you will see that it's rounder on the front of the armpit than the back.

you can work it all out on paper by tracing the pieces that surround the armhole of the garment to see the shape, then put your 2yo's ribbon on a new piece of paper to that shape.
then apply that to the (already re-drawn) pieces for the 2ro's pattern.

the length, as i say, don't worry about - just make it up with the side seam/armhole (and the same adjustments for the neck line as for the armhole - use the same method), and put it one 2yo and work out the correct hem length form there.

nickelbabe Mon 06-Jun-11 17:04:06

and what Niecie said - always try out your new pattern on sheets first.

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