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Circular needles

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kiery Mon 30-May-11 17:49:56


My local wool shop doesn't stock circular needles and have just sent away an order and so won't order me in any for ages...(was met by " ahh! bet you got your pattern off the internet - youngsters today!")
Where do you get yours on line and is it best to get a set with a range of needles even though they are a bit pricery? Is Knitpro worth the price increase?

Niecie Mon 30-May-11 19:11:11

I have the Knitpro ones and they are very nice - wooden and lovely to use. They are worth the money in that you can just buy the size needles you want and you don't have to bother buying the cable in between all the time but I didn't buy them for myself. They were a Christmas pressie and I am not sure I would have forked out for the starter kit myself. I directed by mother to here althought I don't know for sure that is where she got them. They are pretty reasonably priced though.

Before that I was buying the Pony metal ones like these which are cheap and cheerful and absolutely fine, I just prefer woodm if given the choice.

The link is to my LYS btw - I am very lucky they don't say 'ahh! bet you got your pattern off the internet - youngsters today!', although they do occasionally sigh when I go in looking for a yarn for which there is no UK equivilent because I got the pattern off the Net. Oh to be called a youngster!! grin

kellestar Mon 30-May-11 20:36:48

I also have the knitpro ones, again the interchangeable's, at the time it was worth it, as I used 4 sizes regularly and it worked out fairly priced for the set. I got mine from getknitted which is my local store, but they do a good online service as well. I also have a pair of Addi's which are lovely to use, being trialled by a friend, their interchangeable kit was way more expensive, they were my first pair of circular's though and found them easy to use.

kiery Tue 31-May-11 10:31:05

thanks Niecie and Kellestar: experience and advice much appreciated. I think the interchangable option of the knitpro might sway me and I might treat myself with the starter kit. Thanks again

Hopefully Tue 31-May-11 10:41:42

I use the Knitpro ones too, also mostly from, although I've also bought from and possibly also from

I much prefer the wooden ones, although I think they do metal and acrylic too? I found th acrylic too bendy and the metal ones give me hand strain (for some reason I hold metal needles much more tightly).

Octaviapink Sat 04-Jun-11 16:20:02

I use the Addi turbo needles, but then I mostly knit socks and lace, and they're brilliant for that. If I want straights or dpns then I will go for KnitPro.

Needle Mon 06-Jun-11 20:49:01

I think in the long run it's always more economical to buy a set of interchangables- I use the KnitPro symphonies which are absolutely gorgeaous,, but there are lots of cheaper sets which are still very good.

moominthecorner Mon 06-Jun-11 21:30:57

I just started using knitpro and I love them.

InachisYarns Thu 01-Sep-11 22:34:18

KnitPro is lovely and if you get an interchangeable set, very flexible. They will last and last.
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