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Would anyone be willing to mentor me as I teach myself to use a sewing machine?

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suwoo Sun 29-May-11 09:27:53

I am a bit crap, but understand the fundamentals. My nan who was a tailor always did any projects that I wanted but she is now 84 and not as able as she was.

I have 2 projects in mind, starting with pram strap pads, which are essentially a square with velcro sewn on and padded with wadding. Sounds easy, right?

I would love if someone would be able to answer any (inevitably) daft questions.

I don't even know how to thread the bloody thing yet!

LatteLady Sun 29-May-11 09:41:19

Suwoo, you will be fine, there are lots of us here to help you. OK now give us a clue what sort of machine do you have? smile

suwoo Sun 29-May-11 10:23:05

It's an embarrassingly crap one, I got it cheap from EBay. Its by New Home and is Super Automatic 348. To make matters worse, I can't locate the instructions but know roughly where they are. It's still threaded though, which helps.

suwoo Sun 29-May-11 11:53:10

Still can't find the instructions. Will I be able to do anything without them? Where the bloody hell are they? Grrrrrr

larakitten Sun 29-May-11 16:47:43

Happy to help here too. Not familiar with your machine unfortunately but they all thread in a pretty similar off the spool of thread, through some sort of guide, "down, up" through the tensioners and down again into the needle, iykwim.........

LatteLady Sun 29-May-11 20:06:08

OK - this is part of Janome's range, drop a note to their customer service and see if they will send you a PDF of the manual?

suwoo Sun 29-May-11 21:47:03

I had a look online, I think it is £8.50 for the manual, I need to look a bit bloody harder!

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