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What shall I make with this then?

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whydobirdssuddenlyappear Tue 24-May-11 17:16:46

I have a yard of this. 4 pattern repeats. Easy to cut in half (good, cos I have 2 children. Am at a total loss as to what to make with it though. I originally thought I'd make cushions, but now I'm not sure. Also considering wall hangings, quilts...
Any suggestions from those more imaginative than myself very welcome!

rockinhippy Tue 24-May-11 19:35:33

DDs???? - if so it would make a couple of lovely colourful sun dresses - or one dress & a pair of "surfin" shorts smile

whydobirdssuddenlyappear Tue 24-May-11 20:03:11

I've got one DD and one DS. I did think of clothes, but I'm not sure there's enough. It's not that wide, sadly. Also think I might like to make something that'll last for a while, iykwim smile

rockinhippy Tue 24-May-11 20:12:44

oops - sorry just realised I misread it as 4yds confused - beach bag??

moominthecorner Tue 24-May-11 22:48:00

Library book bags? Lovely fabric.

whydobirdssuddenlyappear Tue 24-May-11 22:58:48

Hmm. I like the sound of bags, either library or beach...
It is nice, isn't it smile DS, in particular, is very, very pleased...

PurpleFrog Wed 25-May-11 10:06:23

That is fantastic fabric. I think I would go for a wallhanging and a cushion each!

rockinhippy Wed 25-May-11 11:09:24

Bags to make here..

the link might help you decide - if you go with beach bag I would suggest lining it with a brightly coloured contrast towelling

Also thinking on it, you could still make clothes IF you with panel it - ie: a little sundress with print on the yoke & a band of print at the hem or part way down the skirt - maybe block colour in red or yellow for your DD & blue or green for your DS - & bowling shirt of surf shorts for him

SweetDCofMine Wed 25-May-11 17:22:22

Decoupage with fabric is very effective and long lasting as well as super easy to do. Use Decorators pva for long lasting waterproof finish. You can decoupage little cabinets, magazine racks, pots and buckets for pencils, paper bins, etc.

Notive boards are also nice and easy to make:

SweetDCofMine Wed 25-May-11 17:23:06

Notice, not notiveblush

whydobirdssuddenlyappear Thu 26-May-11 17:48:11

Thanks everyone! Lots of things to think about there. Hmmm. I like the idea of fabric decoupage, but also love the bags. I'm leaning away from clothes, though, because I'd like to use it in something they can use forever, plus I'd like to get as much of the design as possible on whatever I make with it...

overmydeadbody Fri 27-May-11 11:30:01

With that fabric, it's gotta be library bags or book bags!

Galena Sat 28-May-11 18:20:07

Make a PE bag for school each - they'd never lose it!

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