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Anyone got a knitting pattern for this - basic jumper!

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PrincessOfWails Wed 18-May-11 11:02:11

I'm looking for a baby to toddler sized pattern.
Double knitting.
Jumper, pref v neck, with raglan sleeves.
That's it! Nothing fancy!

You'd think there would be a million free patterns on ravelry, but there aint!

Niecie Wed 18-May-11 11:35:29

Have you tried different terminology on like putting in sweater or pullover? Sometimes that works on Ravelry since so much is American.

PrincessOfWails Wed 18-May-11 11:36:59

Will try, thanks. Seems such a simple request, really, and I'm annoyed that I'm not getting results!

LatteLady Wed 18-May-11 12:10:36

Try your local library... look at Debbie Bliss and Erica Knight If your library does not have craft books, look them up on the "county " reservations database. Where I live reservations are free.

If you are not sure which of their books you will need, look first on Amazon as many of their books allow you to take a look inside.

CampingHor Wed 18-May-11 12:14:35


DutchOma Wed 18-May-11 12:33:10

I've got a couple of patterns i could send you, pm me an address and I will see what I can do.
I'm amazed that Ravelry doesn't have any more than they do.

PrincessOfWails Wed 18-May-11 13:24:13

Camping not quite - cute though!
I'll explain - I've bought some Sirdar Click in Verve 110 and so the wool is so lively I need a plain pattern (no point in any fancy detailing!). Then I want to do the ribs in a contrast colour. (Not sure which, mind - the other colours in the range are a bit muddy!)

DutchOma there's very few indeed on ravelry - I think it's a better place to look for fancy patterns. <stupid> how do I PM?

PrincessOfWails Wed 18-May-11 13:28:45

Ha! The Sirdar website has just the thing - will see if my local knitting shop has it at a non-bank-breaking price (he's usually pretty good!)

This kind of thing but the Sirdar website isn't great - I can't zoom, and I'm not seeing the colours very well either. Or maybe it's just me!

PrincessOfWails Wed 18-May-11 13:31:06

Oh, it's not raglan. Ho hum...

DutchOma Wed 18-May-11 17:08:49

You go to 'message poster at the right hand side of the message and post

Niecie Wed 18-May-11 17:30:35

This one has raglans but isn't plain. There is nothing to stop you doing it plain though I suppose. The shapings are all the same.

Raglan sleeve v necks are hard to find. There are plenty of round necks which then have button fastings on the shoulder and v neck cardies too but not v neck jumpers.

This one has raglans but no v neck too.

InachisYarns Thu 01-Sep-11 22:36:14

There are some free patterns as
You might find something there smile

Mammonite Thu 01-Sep-11 22:58:25

How about stylecraft 4910?

Sirdar 5076 is 24/26 as the smallest size, that's about 4-5 yrs IIRC.

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