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card making - anyone do it? where to get cheap supplies..

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haudyerwheesht Thu 12-May-11 19:09:34

Title says it all really. I love making cards but have been bying from garden centre and its so expensive.


haudyerwheesht Thu 12-May-11 19:11:29


purpleknittingmum Thu 12-May-11 19:20:41

My mum does and got me into it but my knitting has now taken over and I gave her all my stuff!

I used to get some stuff from here, but we often got blanks from those sort of shop that have an A4 size box you fill up for a set price

Have found peel offs in all sorts of places, Wilkinsons have some

Mollymax Thu 12-May-11 19:22:32

The Range is a good shop for creative bits, if there is one near you, it is worth a visit.

haudyerwheesht Thu 12-May-11 22:41:23

Thanks guys

haudyerwheesht Thu 12-May-11 22:42:10

Thanks guys

haudyerwheesht Thu 12-May-11 22:42:10

Thanks guys

CherryMonster Tue 17-May-11 12:12:44


Dingle Wed 25-May-11 13:02:33

It depends on what you are after, I have made cards for about 8yrs now and buy different things from different shops/ sources. I buy my card in and using a folding board, fold and cut my own to size. Envelopes I tend to stick to Craft Creations, although there are a few similar in cost/P&P charges.

Stamps, inks, embiellies etc I look around, often very similar in price so I'll use free P&P offers when they come up.

Are you looking for anything in particular?

Pootles2010 Fri 03-Jun-11 10:26:07

I must admit that whenever i get a nice card or a present thats been wrapped up using nice ribbon, i always take what i can from them for my card making box! Very tight of me I know, but its amazing what you can get.

MrsFrogg Fri 03-Jun-11 15:46:47

I tend to make embellies from card and paper or use digi stamps - cheap and they can be printed over and over - 2Peas have a good selection inc. free ones or Jessica Sprague has digi versions of current and old paper collections by some of the big US manufacturers

bilblio Fri 03-Jun-11 17:16:50

I recycle cards that I receive, bits of ribbon etc. We've also got a cheap card supplies shop near me. Ebay is also fab. Or look at the magazines and see if you can make use of the freebies on them.

The ones through garden centres and hobbycraft have a good range but tend to be ridiculously overpriced.

cloudpuff Thu 16-Jun-11 11:13:28

Boyes have some lovely card making stuff I noticed the other day, stamps and things like that. Wilkinsons also have a few bits. Not sure of the quality. Some of the card making magazines also have some quite cool free bits with them but they can be pricey. Those book clearance type shops often have bits in for a pound also. (cant remember what the shops are called, publishers clearance or some such thing)

My dd bought 10 blank cards and envelopes along with some decoupage things in poundland and the quality was pretty good.

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