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Just a quickie - how do I find out about fairs etc?

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eleanorsmum Mon 31-Oct-05 10:11:42

I am trying to sell some bits and bobos and am looking for fairs to sell at. It could be craft fairs, school fairs church fetes etc etc but other than ringing round for hours how do i find whats on and when? any thoughts? PS live in south wales!

spookylips Mon 31-Oct-05 10:15:30

Go to your local library or look in the local newspaper as they usually have some advertising there

Scaryskribble Mon 31-Oct-05 14:29:17

That is what I am doing at the moment, they usually advertise in the local post office at the last minute and then all the stalls are taken .

I think Craft fairs are a bit easier to find (I am not a crafter) as there are often run by local associations. We have a few that run regular ones all year. Try googling for them. For the schools ask everyone you speak to and keep an eye in local papers.

I am going to try a couple of adverts in the local supermarkets along the lines of "Is your school having a fair? Book us now." with a few pics to show what we sell and lots of mentions of fundraising.

I have phoned round a few schools but yes it takes ages and e.mailing is useless as often it isn't the school but the PTA that orgainises them. Church ones often just have there own stuff, but probably more open to crafters than a commercial trader as i am seen.

IME the schools charge about £10 for a stall. You will usually only sell your cheaper things at these as people aren't looking to spend a lot of money, but it is a good way to advertise and showcase your more expensive items. My friend went to one fair with loads of cushions and stuff but only sold a couple of tiny decorations. She was devistated and hadn't thought to promote the fact that people could get in touch to buy or order other items.

layla Mon 31-Oct-05 14:50:11

Hi Eleanorsmum,try the craft coucil in Wales which is mail them on

zippitippitoes Mon 31-Oct-05 15:21:14

if a stall is 10.00 how much would you hope to sell 100.00 or 200.00 or more?

WitchyWhizzz Mon 31-Oct-05 19:04:22

I'm doing a local fayre at the weekend. Stall was £15 & was advertised in the local paper. It's my first one & I'm starting to panic

I've no idea how much to take - but better too much than not enough. Also going to take photos of stuff so that if I sell out of that item - people can order if they want it.

eleanorsmum Mon 31-Oct-05 20:42:49

thanks for the tips. am on a mission - got four school fair bookings from cold calling today. will investigate library and local paper. Good luck with your fair witchy whizz. let me know how you do!

Scaryskribble Mon 31-Oct-05 23:35:33

I take between £80 and £120 at school Christmas fairs. Not sure how much the crafters or cards sellers make, as I said my friend did one and barely made the £10. She did another one and shared a stall with another 2 crafters and took £7.50 the stall cost £75 for 2 days.

Perhaps stall sharing is an idea then you don't need as much stock. This will let you see what sells well. Not sure if others agree but as I said people are not ready to spend a lot on the night but might take away business cards or flyers.

issy22 Thu 20-Sep-12 18:26:33

hi does anyone know if their childrens schools are having christmas fairs im in edinburgh but cant seem to find anything

MrsAlwaysRight Sat 22-Sep-12 18:28:44

I use Stallfinder to search for events smile

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