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I need a Royal Wedding craft idea

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gorionine Sun 13-Mar-11 10:36:19

and it cannot be crowns as I have done some very recently. It needs to be very simple as with 12/16 2 to 4 yo.


DrSeuss Sun 13-Mar-11 16:12:04

Dress up dolly made of paper? Wedding scene with people on lolly sticks? Wedding cake, real or made of cheap sponges that you wash the car with? Jewellery box?

kellestar Sun 13-Mar-11 20:41:05

I assume this is for a themed event? We are having a Guide/Brownie/Rainbow craft/skills event themed around the wedding. Some ideas are...

Peg Dolly princess Kate, with yarn hair, felt tip pen face, pipe cleaner arms and white lacey fabric dress.

Colouring in is always popular, if you know someone who is good at drawing ask them if they will do a simple image to photocopy and colour in.

Union Flag Mosaic, cut up 1" square of magazines, in red, white and blue, have a basic paper outline for them to stick to. You can then stick to a bamboo skewer to make a flag you can wave.

I plan to look through my box of ideas for king/queen/prince/princess themed activities as well.

southeastastra Sun 13-Mar-11 20:41:30


meditrina Sun 13-Mar-11 20:45:08

Collages? Supply paper with outline bride and groom, or Union Flag, or gold rings; glue and paper/fabric to snip and stick on (or pre cut scraps for those who don't do scissors).

gorionine Mon 14-Mar-11 06:14:59

Thanks for all the very nice ideasgrin I think I will go for a wedding cake ,paper one though on which they can glue some precut decoratons)

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