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Baby blankets, which wool would you choose?

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Skarlet Sun 30-Jan-11 17:33:25

Hi all,
I'm new to mumsnet, and need some advice, please...
My friend is having a baby in June, and I'd love to knit her a baby blanket.
I'm a beginner knitter, and have found lovely blanket patterns on the Ravelry website.
I want to make something beautiful, but, I also want to make sure it's practical and she can actually get a lot of use out of it.
I'm tempted to knit it in merino wool.
My question is, would you prefer a blanket in acrylic wool, practical and washable but not as breathable, or,a soft, breathable woolly blanket that may need more care when washing?

Any advice gratefully received!

woollyideas Sun 30-Jan-11 19:01:32

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is beautiful, soft, good quality and washable. It comes in different weights (4 ply, DK and aran).
Sublime also do a nice baby yarn, and then there's Rowan Cashsoft Baby. What weight yarn does your pattern use?

I would definitely NOT use yukky acrylic.

bigbadbarry Sun 30-Jan-11 19:09:33

I was going to say baby cashmerino too - or there is a lovely baby bamboo I have used though I can't remember the brand washable and soft!

woollyideas Sun 30-Jan-11 19:26:12

I used baby bamboo for a friend's baby and it shrank! (She swore she washed it at recommended temperature but I guess I will never really know...)

Niecie Sun 30-Jan-11 20:06:32

Depends on what you want to spend really. Merino is twice the price of acrylic. Acrylic can be very soft - Patons Fairytale and Sirdar Snuggly are both very soft but they are made for babies. I had a baby blanket for DS1 in one of those two and it has worn very well - it is quite lacy so breathability isn't such an issue. Don't assume that all acrylic is scatchy and cheap feeling.

That said if you want to push the boat out you merino is gorgeous. Debbie Bliss or Sublime do nice merino as does Artesano. Rowan cashsoft is very nice but it just feels to me like it won't wear well. I made my mother some gloves in it for Christmas and I can image them bobbling quite easily. I could be wrong - time will tell!

I personally wouldn't go for cotton for a baby blanket, I don't think, nor bamboo which is similar. It takes too long to dry out, it can be heavy and isn't as warm as wool. But on the other hand, as you are knitting for a summer baby, Sirdar do a baby bamboo feels lovely so it is tempting!

It doesn't necessarily have to be merino if you want wool. Patons Dreamtime is 100% wool and soft and not too expensive. Rowan do a 100% wool too which is lovely.

I think really you need to find a wool shop and go and have a squidge, see what you want to work with.grin

Skarlet Mon 31-Jan-11 00:48:38

Thanks everyone!
My heart is in merino, so may go for the cashmerino option as it's machine washable.
I also like Sirdar Snuggly as a plan B, so I think I'll follow all your advice and go to a wool shop and have a squidge!
The pattern is quite lacy, I hope it will be ok for the summer but also be ok for the winter. My friend lives in Manchester, so not sure how much of a Summer it's going to be!
I still have six months until June, but am a slow knitter and want to finish on time.
Thank you all X
Off to the shops tomorrow after my night shift

hellymelly Mon 31-Jan-11 00:51:28

Cashmerino does go bobbly really quickly ,compared to standard merino.I love alpaca (rowan baby alpaca)as its is soft and luxurious.

solo Mon 31-Jan-11 00:54:34

Now I was going to say cotton Cotton is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Have been out of the loop for a long time, but used to be in the trade it should be easy enough to dry by draping it over an airer so that it's flat near a radiator or as I used to do, lay it between two thick towels somewhere warm.

conquita Mon 31-Jan-11 02:54:27

I would use an organic merino yarn with non metallic dyes for a baby's blanket.

Niecie Mon 31-Jan-11 10:33:09

Solo - I have been brainwashed influenced by my mother who won't buy cotton knitwear because she says it is not as warm. I don't agree for me but I seemed to have swallowed her line for baby stuff! I think you might have a point though especially if you use a baby cotton which will be lighter. It should wash up better than a merino I would have thought.

Amy Butler for Rowan does a very soft cotton/wool mix, 50/50. It is also organic. Might be a happy medium.

greenlotus Mon 31-Jan-11 22:26:40

I was just going to say, how about Wool Cotton (Rowan). I knitted blankets for both my boys in that and it washes really well, no bobbling. The selection of colours is brilliant and it's a standard DK.

Bumperrlicious Mon 31-Jan-11 22:35:57

I'm about to buy some of this to make a couple of blankets.

littlebylittle Fri 04-Feb-11 20:20:16

I have done four. One in sirdar luxury soft cotton, one in sirdar snuggly, one in a rowan wool yarn I forget exactly which and am making one in rowan all seasons cotton. All wash well, i loved using the cotton ones and cellular blankets are also cotton. Snuggly is I think nylon acrylic mix and my mum swears by it. Very reasonable. I love all seasons cotton, it's Aran weight so you get a lot of knitting for your time! It washes absolutely brilliantly and one Cardigan I made in it looks wonderful on its fourth child so far!

megamum3236 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:10:08

Help I have started knitting a baby cardigan and now I'm going to run out of wool and I can't remember where I bought it from.
I am a devil for picking up a ball here and a ball there when I see something I like.
It's called "Sewing Box Baby Yarn" has anyone else seen this brand, as I can't find it on the internet at all?
I really hope you can help

ananikifo Tue 11-Mar-14 22:16:23

Most dk merino wools that I've used are machine washable. If it's labeled superwash, you can wash it in a machine.

We wash ds's superwash merino blanket with his normal clothes at 40 degrees and hang or lay flat to dry.

I don't like acrylic and I really don't like "granny" pastel acrylics for baby blankets and cardigans. I never put my son in cardigans made out of that type of yarn.

Dutchoma Wed 12-Mar-14 10:00:58

Megamum, you have posted in the middle of an existing thread.
To answer your question (but you may get more answers if you start a separate thread): Google the name of the yarn and see whether you can buy another ball somewhere. Be careful how you join them as the dye numbers are almost certainly not be the same. So I would do a whole sleeve in the new yarn, rather than join it in the middle. In that way, if there is a bit of difference you can pass it off as a trick of the light.

Dutchoma Wed 12-Mar-14 10:12:04

And just to throw another answer into the question of what yarn to use for a baby blanket: I made an appletree blanket in James C. Brett Super Soft Baby Double Knit; very soft, not splitty and as far as I know it washes well. I would always prefer a naice acrylic for baby clothes as there is less chance of accidents in the wash. Don't add a guilt trip to the woes of a new mother grin

lurkerspeaks Fri 14-Mar-14 22:50:02

I usually use baby cashmerino.

Currently knitting one in acrylic for a known shrinking/ not washing knitted stuff probably offender.

If she can't look after it she ain't getting it!

RasaRasa Tue 18-Nov-14 12:19:18

I tried to find good blanket when I was pregnant and I know it is difficult. All kind of materials, thickness confused me, beside it's difficult to say what thickness you will need without touching, but I've read that merino is breathable and found very cute knitted blanket so left with this option.
Now I have used it very hard for almost six months and came time to wash. I can't tell about after washing blanket but I have other clothes from merino wool and washed in washing machine without any problems (didn't shrink, didn't change colour and etc.)
Beside I bought it Delicate Dream.
So my opinion is if to choose from what wool then definitely from merino.

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