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Selling things you make at craft fairs?

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redhappy Thu 20-Jan-11 10:12:14

Considering this as a way of making a bit of extra money. Not expecting it to pay the rent!

Anyone dp this? How successful is it? What sort of things sell best?

I can knit, sew, and we have just bought an electric jigsaw which I am thinking about using to make some wooden dolls.

redhappy Thu 20-Jan-11 10:12:46

sorry, anyone do this!

wigglybeezer Thu 20-Jan-11 10:15:05

I sold christmas decorations last year, it was a lot of work for about £250 but i enjoyed it!

redhappy Thu 20-Jan-11 10:20:20

Well done! £250 would have almost paid for xmas in this house, worth the effort, and like you say- enjoyable!

I wanted to do decorations to sell, but there was a lot going on here and I couldn't find the time.

However, it's a new year, new start etc.

Dp is at home today, both kids at playschool til 12 so think we'll be getting the jigsaw out. I'm excited!

Colleen84 Thu 20-Jan-11 11:46:30

I've always wanted to do that stuff, might try and make it my mission this year!

KurriKurri Thu 20-Jan-11 14:50:02

I used to do this (I made bags of many different varieties.)

If you costed everything up, including your time at so much an hour - you don't really make anything, but if you ignore the labour aspect (and I think most people do!) you can make a reasonable profit on how much the materials cost you.

It's quite fun (you meet loads of other crafters). Try to think of interesting ways to decorate and display things on your stall - it can make a big difference to how many customers you attract. Good luck smile

soccerwidow Thu 20-Jan-11 15:14:08

I have never done this (I would love to but not sure if my workmanship is good enough quality for anyone to want to buy lol) but I follow a few threads on another forum.

The tips that I have got from there are

To have a small "lucky dip" to entice the children over - the parent will then follow.

The low cost novelty items tend to go really well on the day as people don't mind spending only a pound or two on impulse items

make it clear that you can take orders so that you don't lose the customer who was thinking "shame that she doesn't do that in red"

some battery operated fairy lights or small table lamp as the lighting can be bad in some locations.


redhappy Thu 20-Jan-11 20:32:06

brilliant tips soccerwidow , thankyou.

Will making things in the evneings, and whilst the dcs are at playschool in the morning. I need to be at home this year for various reasons, so anything I can make extra is a good thing, however low the hourly rate works out!

hambo Thu 20-Jan-11 20:34:43

I make pictures for
children ...but sometimes you make money, sometimes you don't! Good luck!

redhappy Thu 20-Jan-11 20:40:53

Oh I like those hambo. My dd would love them Russian dolls, and the flowery owls!

I think you've got the pricing right too.

teenyweenytadpole Thu 20-Jan-11 20:41:57

Those are lovely Hambo! Our local garden centre would snap those up for the children's dept...

hambo Thu 20-Jan-11 20:55:27

Oh crikey! Thanks! I always get embarassed showing people! I have a poncy web site which no one knows about!! (whispers - what is the garden centre called??)

teenyweenytadpole Thu 20-Jan-11 21:30:02

Burford Garden Company....don't know who their buyers are though...

coldcomfortHeart Fri 21-Jan-11 18:06:22

I did my first fair last november, it was great fun and I sold almost everything. A lot of work- don't think about hourly rates, it's depressing! But worth it in terms of skill, experience and money I found.

Going to do it again this year plus commissions garnered from the fair. Have business cards out- this book is ace, bit american but very useful.

hambo Fri 21-Jan-11 21:32:05

Cold comfort - what gorgeous stuff! No wonder you sold it all...

coldcomfortHeart Sat 22-Jan-11 14:00:52

Oh, thank you hambo! blush

My house is devoid of crafts though, and there is no quilt for DS or anything coming for the next DC in June- you know that saying 'cobblers' children go barefoot'!

hambo Sat 22-Jan-11 20:41:44

hee hee same here - my boys have only one picture on their walls! Oh well...

(PS good luck with next DC!)

Flutterbye Sun 23-Jan-11 23:14:30

I'm just thinking about doing this, I've sold items to friends and through Folksy. I had one table at a craft fair about 10 yrs ago whilst working full time and no-one bought anything, all just kept walking past. Beware of your audience is what I would say. That was a horse trials, no-one wanted hand appliquéd cushions, perhaps I was ahead of my time! I'm trying to build stock up now, without spending silly money. Fingers crossed. Good Luck.

hambo Mon 24-Jan-11 10:31:47

I love your stuff too Flutterbye. My mum would really like the caravan (files away in memory for her birthday!) I think you are right, I did two craft fairs so far and the first had no one come to it - maybe 30 people all over 80, none of whom neede art for their nursery!!! Even their grandkids would have been grown...

MissLolita Fri 28-Jan-11 11:43:07

Hi, I have done a couple of fairs for charity and made varying amounts - everything from £20 to over £200.

My advice would be to have a range of prices - I try and ensure I have plenty of little things for £1 as well as other more pricey things. People can often be tempted by 'pocketmoney' items.

I do knitted and crocheted cakes and decorations. Not sure if this Flickr link will work - ons/72157609339624122/

I think people like the charity bit too even if you are donating a percentae of profits.
Also, ensure you take decorations for your stall otherwise it can look bland.

Good luck!

coldcomfortHeart Sun 30-Jan-11 17:13:00

Just had the chance to have a proper look at your stuff hambo- it's lovely!

hambo Sun 06-Feb-11 21:47:12

Gad...thought Id let you all know that I did a fair at the weekend and only sold two things! So am 21 pounds down, (not including my time!)...I am hoping Feb is just a rubbish time but there were heaps of people now suffering from loss of confidence..

Changeisagoodthing Sun 06-Feb-11 21:57:30

They are lovely. I am ordering some- could you do a sixteen with suitable s words for a girl like the 40 one

hambo Sun 06-Feb-11 22:29:00

Hello Change! yes I would love to do a 16 one, and would be very careful with the words - infact if you want to suggest any words I can incorporate them for you! The blocks come with a card of the same design, and in a gift box too.

Oh, you have cheered me up!

coldcomfortHeart Mon 07-Feb-11 12:16:47

Oh that's a shame hambo-Feb's not going to be the best time though, is it. Where was it? Could have been the wrong 'audience' for lack of a better phrase.

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