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Simple craft ideas for one year olds??

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shootingstar81 Fri 14-Jan-11 03:00:51

Any simple craft suggestions for a one year old would be fantastic.

elvisgirl Fri 14-Jan-11 05:01:28

Make a simple hand-puppet from a plain paper bag. Position it with the opening towards you or the child, then you can draw or stick on eyes, mouth, hair, etc & when finished slip a hand inside & you have the puppet! Couldn't be simpler!

Also paper-plates are handy for drawing on faces, or just circles of card. Then you can sellotape a straw or lolly stick on the back so the child can wave around. Another one can be glued on the back so you have two sides, eg happy & sad face. This works also with any animal the child can have a go at colouring-in (scribbling on!) - cut it out & bung it on a stick.

Paper plates or circles of card can also be joined together to make a caterpiller. Attach atenna to wobble about if you have something suitable, like pipe cleaners or even just cut out bits of paper. Have fun!

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