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Hand sew draught excluder.

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pipplin Sat 01-Jan-11 17:02:52

I'm not a bad hand sewer, do you think this is do able?
I'm sewing fleece. Should I use a particular thread? I've never used fleece before.
Am stuffing it with an old sheet.
Any advice much appreciated.

tanne Sat 01-Jan-11 18:18:58

I don't think that you will have any problems but leave one end not to firmly stitched so that you can take out the stuffing when you want to wash the draught excluder

shodatin Sat 01-Jan-11 22:24:45

Sewed my fleece with button thread, and arranged to have enough extra at both ends to tie ribbon round after stitching, then cut 4cm fringe to finish, as fleece doesn't fray.

pipplin Sat 01-Jan-11 22:29:49

Thank you I shall crack on with it and post when done.
I may be sometime!

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