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Making sheets for a cot bed

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hazchem Fri 24-Dec-10 19:14:27

Hi ya,

I've got an unwanted sheet which is is good condition and nice and soft. I though about turning it into a sheet for my expected baby.

Just wondering how big to make a flat sheet and/or a fitted sheet for a mattress that measures 140cm by 70cm.


missmehalia Fri 24-Dec-10 19:17:59

We've got a cot bed, but all the bedding for it is currently in DD's room, and she's asleep in there!

Have you Googled it?

If you need cheap-ish spare fitted cot bed sheets, I found some very cheaply in Asda, think it was £8 for a pack of 2 (white, but also had green and pink, I think).

moocowme Mon 27-Dec-10 10:42:59

fitted sheet needs to be just large enough to cover it, go over the sides, and then underneath by about 5-10cm. you would need to put a seam on each corner and some elastic for at least 20cm either side, stretch it as you sew it on.

a flat sheet needs to be a lot bigger so it goes you room to tuck it in and it stays tucked in. not so much a problem when they are ver little but they grow so fast and have a tendency for kicky kicky in the night.

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