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Furry Hat/Bonnet (type thing) & Curtain Swag template Please????

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rockinhippy Fri 10-Dec-10 13:37:37

Can anyone please point me in the right direction for a link??, feeling more than a bit brain dead right now, so not sure I trust myself to come up with a pattern all by myself confused

its for one of those furry 60s ish bonnet type hats, that come over the ears, & have cord with pompoms on the end - that all the teens are wearing right now confused I've tried google, but realise it might help if I could remember what they are actually called blush

I want to adapt it to make a monster one to add to DDs Xmas presents, & a good base block would be a big help right now

I also have a 4x fall/fold/loop confused lined curtain swag to make to finish of my parents new curtains & tie backs & I've been putting off until my brain wakes up again, which just doesn't seem to be happening quick enough atm hmm (damn you fog brain angry

so if anyone has a tutorial link for that too, it would be much appreciated


rockinhippy Sat 11-Dec-10 10:42:05


plupervert Sat 11-Dec-10 11:10:40

Have a look through these links from a google search, which I did with various parameters.

Hope something here will help!

rockinhippy Mon 13-Dec-10 09:13:07

Thanks, but no links there? .....the Hat name would help if anyone knows it??

plupervert Mon 13-Dec-10 12:59:58

Oh, damn, I forgot to do the link!


As for the name to goggle, do the terms trapper hat (Russian style?), Peruvian-style or Nepalese style hat ring any bells?

rockinhippy Thu 16-Dec-10 10:35:28

Thanks ....... I can't see a tutorial or template for 1, but there is a few photos on 1 of the links, showing seams, which has kick started my brain so I can now work out how to make 1

& thanks, but no, not its the trapper hat etc, its the Fake Fur 60s/70s ish styled ones with the cord & pompoms on the end.......I remember having something similar as a kid, but seems they've been revamped & brought up to date & now aimed at teens usually lok a bit like a mad soft toy on top of the head.....they are hideous, but DD won't wear a warm hat, but she likes to think of herself as a "teen" hmm so I'm hopeful she'll wear one of these

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