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Help! Easy craft projects needed for 2 DSs

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childrenknowyourlimits Thu 02-Dec-10 20:10:39

With the snow showing no signs of disappearing & school shut probably until at least Tues, I am need of some ideas of what to do with 2 DSs. Once the sledging fun is over, I need something to keep them occupied. They are aged 4 & 6. Have checked out the Rudolph idea on another thread which looks great. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated! smile

Eddas Thu 02-Dec-10 20:29:02

I made salt dough decorations with dd(6) and ds(3) today. DD's are quite good actually but ds just made a huge blob grin

Tomorrow we're going to decorate them

I also have paper chains to make and got dd to draw christmassy pictures for decorations for the house. I may also make snowflakes tomorrow

These might not all end up being used as decorations but it's keeping them busy winkgrin

childrenknowyourlimits Thu 02-Dec-10 20:37:01

Thanks for those ideas. Keeping their little mischievious fingers busy is the name of the game! grin

lisacol Fri 03-Dec-10 05:59:57

Depending on your craft supplies (or ability to get to hobbycraft):
- all chrimbo decorations good - making "stained glass windows" from black paper cut out, and colouring in greaseproof paper, cutting out paper snowflakes
- christmas hama beads - can make christmas tree decorations
- christmas cards for their friends
- the same christmas stuff but as presents for adoring relatives to clutter up their house with (a tree decoration to granny will prob come out for years)
- letter to santa, and santa place mat for his mincepie etc.
- a (very crafty) friend of mine, cut out lots of 4 inch stockings from material, sewed them on her machine then got her 3 and 6 year old to stuff them then they strung up like bunting
- non christmasy but good fall back is just lots of coloured pipecleaners so they can make shapes etc (and no mess which is good)
- general cooking stuff - pasta/rice pictures/ making faces out of fruit

hope this helps on the inspiration smile

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